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In Bogotá, the ciclovía (bikeway) has been opening streets to pedestrians and bicyclists since 1974. The event now covers over 70 miles of streets that residents can enjoy every Sunday.

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Inspired by Bogotá’s ciclovía, a group of community members started planning a similar event in LA in 2008. Maybe you don’t think of LA as a bike city, but it is home to many people who use bicycling as a cheap way to get around, and more and more Angelenos are choosing to bike. The event organizers knew that opening streets to bicyclists could change how people thought of transportation in LA, and knew that it was crucial to organize events like this in densely populated urban neighborhoods like East Hollywood, Koreatown, and Boyle Heights. We wanted families from different ethnic communities and income levels to enjoy riding without the stress of car traffic.

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